Let us introduce Tim Jung, our raffish regent for Regency 1! Tim kills it wearing a bowtie, has an amazing and outgoing personality, and can pretty much talk to you about anything. He loves San Francisco and knows all the hot spots to hit, so stick with him at Annual Session and he’ll show you everything there is to love about San Fran.


I’m a 4th year dental student at University of California, San Francisco. I’m originally from Korea but I have been in the Bay Area for awhile. I love trying different types of food and going on a hike on weekends! I absolutely love being in the city because you can truly embrace equality, diversity, and inclusion! You can also enjoy many types of activities such as street fairs, different types of cuisines and nature! I’m very excited that the SPEA 9th annual is at San Francisco and I encourage everyone to explore the city while you are here!

Pet peeves: talking during the movies

Sprit animal: dogs
Biggest fear: falling off a cliff
Most embarrassing moment: when I was learning English, someone told me I’m gullible and I thought he called me I’m global because I came from Korea…..
Favorite season: winter because there are holiday drinks, chocolates and food! Also you can enjoy the snow and enjoy the holidays!
Favorite thing about dental school: working with the patient and educating them about their oral health and seeing the improvement
Least favorite thing about dental school: doing admin work and looking for the right case for your CEs.
Tim is adventurous, and has developed a love for all things outdoors. I know that it is hard to concentrate on anything other than his large biceps in the above picture, but if you take your focus off his arms, you will see that he is a world-class skipper. He also loves the indoors as well, and boy let me tell you that indoor Tim is just as fun to be around as outdoor Tim. Come see for ourself at Annual Session next Friday and Saturday in San Francisco.
Tim has dedicated so much time to this great organization and has done an excellent job in spreading the SPEA fire to other schools in region 1. He has been a major contributor in helping plan the details of our Annual Session this year. Without Tim, our organization wouldn’t be where it is at Today.