It is our pleasure to introduce Taylor Bolland, the Ragin’ Regent for Regency 3. From Mississippi and still living in Mississippi, Taylor is all things southern. He bleeds Ole Miss blue and red, and I’m pretty sure his diet consists mainly of crawfish and steak. Enjoy getting to know Taylor!
My name is Taylor Bolland, and I’m from Jackson, MS, and I currently go to UMMC SOD here in Jackson. I decided to attend dental school because the whole astronaut thing just wasn’t working out. I’m still hopefully in the running for Space-Dentist, but Elon Musk hasn’t been returning any of my emails as of yet. I’m cautiously optimistic.
Pet Peeve: People using the word “effect” instead of “affect” and vice versa
Spirit Animal: Mike Meru
Biggest Fear: It’s not the heights that scare me, it’s the falling
Most Embarrassing Moment: I haven’t crown prepped the wrong tooth yet, so I feel good
Favorite Season: Spring, because Game of Thrones changed my mind on Winter
Favorite thing about Dental School: My patients
Least favorite thing about Dental School: The Perio clinic and everything within 50 yards of it.
Taylor love bonfires, friends, and rockin’ Aloha shirts better than a lot of retired dentists I’ve seen. Fun fact about Taylor: He loves toothbrushes so much and is so adamant about oral hygiene that he has been given the nickname Taylor the Toothbrush. When you see Taylor at Annual Session don’t pass up the amazing opportunity to experience one the coolest southern accents around. Have him say, “Go on now, get!” and it will probably make your day. Our organization, especially Region 3, has grown immensely since Taylor has been on our team. When talking to Taylor about SPEA, you can truly see how passionate he is about ethics and about this association. He gets fired up about ethics and has been working hard to help others get fired up about it too. 
Annual Session is getting nearer, but you can still head on over to and register! On that same page, you can find more information about running for a national SPEA position and applying for SPEA chapter awards. See in you San Fran!