SPEA Spotlight: UCSF

SPEA Spotlight: UCSF
Regency: One
Regent: Judy Naziri
Local Chapter: University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry
Location: San Francisco, CA
President- Ava Arshadi
Vice President- Ella Saeed
Secretary- Pardis Farhadian
Treasurer- Timothy Jung
Publications Chair- Arielle Canoza
LnL Coordinator- Emily Yang
Education Chair- Jonathan Gao
Event Title: How Will You Present Yourself on Social Media?
Our quarterly Lunch and Learn in the Spring featured anĀ American College of Dentists Fellow, Dr. Jean Creasey. Whether or not to use social media is no longer the question in this digital age. The real question is how to use social media tools to build a positive perception of the profession with our patients and our community. Dr. Creasey discussed the best practices for managing our online presence as both dental students and dentists in the future. Should we add our patients on FaceBook? How do we address them when we do receive such requests? What types of photographs should we avoid posting? An open discussion was held with the speaker and the audience, allowing us to critically think about the consequences of our social media actions and guidelines we should keep in mind.