SPEA Spotlight: Roseman

SPEA Spotlight: Roseman University College of Dental Medicine
Regency: 1
Regent: Judy Naziri
Local Chapter: Roseman University College of Dental Medicine
Location: South Jordan, UT
Officers: President: WJ Behlke
Vice President : Carol Chavez
Secretary: Ashley Czechner
Treasurer: Tanner Higham
Historian: Zach Diamond
D2 Representative: Hiba Zaku
Social Media: Aisha Sadaf

Event Title: “Ethics of Corporate Dentistry” Snack and Learn

We started our year with a wonderful event which was our “Snack and Learn.” We hosted a viewing of the Frontline documentary, Dollars and Dentists, which presents an investigation done into corporate dental companies. This documentary helped us gain insight into the lives of the millions of Americans who can’t afford a dental visit. It showed us some of the flaws in our dental system and possible proposals to better them.
We found that this documentary sparked a flame in all of us. We feel that establishing a good public relationship starts by having our own good morals and ethical foundation set. Our organization was delighted that we had a great turn out and had members of every class present at the event. This event helped foster a desire to better ourselves and therefore our profession.
SPEA at Roseman University of Health Sciences