SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma

SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma
Regency: Three
Regent: Andrea Fenton
Local Chapter: University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
President- Lauren Nichols
Event Title: Ethics in the geriatric population
Our 3rd meeting of the year featured Dr. Jan Henry, a general dentist in Nichols Hills, OK and alum of OU College of Dentistry. She highlighted the growing geriatric population and how to ethically treat aging patients. As baby boomers begin to reach retirement, they become a large portion of our patient family. Dr. Henry asked several questions to spark discussion and later provided insight to how she handles her elderly population. What accommodations should be made for the elderly in the dental office? Do we need to treat as aggressively in a geriatric patient? Students were able to think critically and share thoughts about this particular population.