SPEA Spotlight: Augusta

SPEA Spotlight: Dental College of Georgia
Regency: 5
Regent: Danielle Gough
Local Chapter: Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University
Location: Augusta, Ga
Officers: President: Caroline Sewell
1st VP: Sarah Miles
2nd VP: Hali Hall
Secretary: Clara Shin
Treasurer: Ben Miller
Historian: Chandni Patel
Engagement Committee Chairs: Danielle Owen, Ansley Pike, Britney Lewis
Communications Chair: Dafna Lapidot
Social Media: Maydda Qureshi

Event Title: Slip and Slide Kickball

Fall semester just started, but it still feels like summer here. We wanted to start the year off with some camaraderie and competition, and get to know our new D1s and let them become familiar with SPEA as a student organization. A team of eight represented each class, D1-D4, and competed for the title of Slip and Slide Kickball Champions. Kiddie pools served as bases, painters plastic made up the slides between bases, and a little dish soap made things slippery. D1s and D4s competed in the championship game, with the D4s ultimately taking the win (and some nice SPEA T-shirts as prizes).