SPEA 2013 Annual Session Review!

2013 Dental Student Attendees

The SPEA Annual Session that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana this past November received record attendance from dental students travelling from across the Nation.  This conference marked the organization’s third annual session, which has experienced sustained exponential growth in attendance and interest at the national level every year since its inception.

Students from all chapters had the opportunity to meet each other and discuss current ethical issues in dentistry, obtain updates and information on how to improve their local SPEA chapters, and learn from and partake in discussions with world class speakers and leaders in ethics and Dentistry.

Esteemed guest lectures included past ASDA President Dr. Chris Salierno.  Under his administration and vision, many of the seminal policies and programs that made ASDA the world-class entity we know and enjoy today were created.  Dr. Salierno taught attendees how to better interpret and appraise the validity of ethical arguments with an interactive overview of ethical fallacies.  This lecture offered practical insight and resources that were beneficial to students’ personal and practice lives alike.

Past ADA President Dr. Ron Tankersley also spoke at the conference, providing attendees with a fascinating lecture on the physiological and psychological underpinnings of ethical decision making.  He explained the dynamic interplay between the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system which are integral to analyzing the world around us and pivotal in ethical decision making.  Dr. Tankersley then opened the floor to questions from attendees, providing invaluable insight on topics such as mid-level providers, corporate dentistry, and the future of clinical dental practice.

SPEA’s 3rd Annual Session was immensely successful and enjoyed by all.  If you would like to get involved at the National Level and attend the next Annual Session please stay tuned to our website and social media outlets for updates as they arise.