Drumroll please for the wonderful, fierce, talented, all-around amazing Nivedhitha (Nive) Ramesh (good luck trying to correctly pronounce her first name), our Rad Regent for Regency 6. Give Nive any job and she will not only get it done but exceed your expectations. Lucky for us she finds ethics interesting and fun because she has been dedicated to this organization and put in a lot of work; from designing a Game of Thrones themed SPEA t-shirt, to helping some chapters get up and going in her regency. Come meet Nive in San Francisco this weekend!
I’m Nive, I’m from Massachusetts, I’m a double Jumbo (go Tufts!). I’m in dental school because I wanted a way to be involved in healthcare and also get to use my hands every day, and dentistry makes a huge difference in people’s lives!
Biggest pet peeve: Slow walkers on the side walk… I’m always late and speed walking!
Spirit Animal: Definitely a dog! Probably an Aussie like my furbaby 🙂 Too much energy, obsessive about my hobbies (like reading).
Biggest fear: That I’ll never finish writing this novel I’ve been working on for years
Most embarrassing moment: Oh gosh, there are too many. But my family’s favorite one is when I had my dance debut and didn’t make a single mistake until I tripped off stage after my bow. In front of 600 people.
Favorite season and why: Fall! Sweaters and boots and scarves oh my. I love the crisp air and the wind and the colors! I’m a New Englander all the way.
Favorite thing about dental school: Challenging myself to get better with my hands – I love learning a new skill and getting to put it into practice
Least favorite thing about dental school: When patients cancel after I’ve set up 🙁
Nive loves exploring new places. The picture above is of her in Vancouver.  She not only loves adventuring but also loves representing dentistry in any way possible. I mean, not only does she look way good in that picture but you can’t help but admire her 3M bag. Gotta represent everywhere you go. A cool fact about Nive is that her favorite brand is Neutrogena. She loves all thing Neutrogena, and can’t get enough of it. Another cool fact is that she has a beautiful Australian Shepherd that is super cuddly and friendly. I’ve never actually met her dog but from the pictures on Facebook, it looks like he would be super cuddly and friendly.
Be sure to say hi to Nive in San Francisco, but just make sure you never walk in front of her especially if you are a slow walker and just wanna soak in the beautiful San Francisco skyline.