Get to know the beautiful Kate Sumerfield! Our very Regal Regent for Regency 2. Some cool things about Kate: She totally rocks that pair of glasses, has hair almost as blond as Daenerys Targaryan, loves cats (which she has been known to call herself the Mother of Cats), and her favorite dessert is spicy cake. Come get to know Kate better at Annual Session held in San Francisco this year from Sept. 6-7th. It’s still not too late to register and apply for chapter awards! Follow the link for more info.


I was born in Illinois but raised in Colorado, where I have been fortunate enough to stay for all of my education so far! I went to the University of Denver before I started dental school at the University of Colorado. I love that I have been able to stay in state because it has given me the opportunity to do all of the activities that I love while I’m attending school. I love hiking, running outdoors and being on the water. If I’m not outside, I love to watch movies…I can quote almost every movie that I have seen. My best friend (who is also in dental school) and I started a rollerblading club at a local park in Denver! The reason that I wanted to become a dentist is because I love that it gives me the opportunity to make an impact of patient’s lives in a way that is both medical and emotional, and who doesn’t love the feeling of clean teeth!


My biggest pet peeve: is people who enter the highway going slower than the speed limit
My spirit animal: is probably an otter
My biggest fear: is disappointing others
My most embarrassing moment: was when I accidentally called my male professor grandma
My favorite season: is Colorado winter when there is snow on the ground but it is still a blue sky with the sun shining
My favorite thing about dental school: is getting to go through it all with such great people
My least favorite thing about dental school: is all of the lab work
Being from Colorado, Kate loves and appreciates everything about the outdoors. If she is not fixing teeth, she’s up in the mountains hiking or just breathing the fresh Colorado air. Her dream is to start a dental practice in the mountains above 9000 feet. Well, maybe not but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Kate never stops working and brightens up SPEA so much. We love having her on our team. Don’t miss an awesome opportunity to meet the beautiful Kate, and all the other amazing people on SPEA, at Annual Session!