Get to know Judy, our all-star Immediate Past Executive Chair. Judy’s position requires her to be stuck on our board for two years, but lucky for us she loves SPEA so much, she couldn’t think of anything better! Be sure to say hi to Judy tomorrow when Annual Session starts!
Judy is from southern California and attending dental school at USC. She graduated this past spring and began her orthodontic residency program shortly after at USC. She is currently killing it by the way in her residency program. To say that Judy is passionate about SPEA is an understatement. The desire she has for encouraging proper ethics is unreal! Judy is passionate about helping others especially those with limited access to care.
Biggest pet peeve: When patients have tongues that don’t sit still! I call these “Nosy tongues” because they always want to touch and feel whats going on. Luckily the rubber dam fixes this!
Spirit animal: A sea lion
Biggest fear: I’ve had so many dreams that I’ve fallen down waterfalls… this is definitely a fear of mine
Favorite season and why: Summer is my favorite! Everyone seems happy every day and there are so many activities you can do when the suns out
Favorite thing about dental school: My favorite thing about ortho is that you start out with a case and you know where you want to end up but there are so many ways to treat the case. It give you the opportunity to be creative and you can see/ show the patient their progress along the way.
Least favorite thing about dental school: My least favorite thing about ortho is when patients have bad hygiene. Not fun when plaque stuck on an o-tie flicks on you 🙁
Above is a picture of Judy having a competition to see who can have cleaner teeth with some sweet kids in Panama! Not sure if Judy won, but I heard through the grapevine that it was a close competition between her and the girl in the pink shirt! We hope Judy continues to stay connected with SPEA even as she goes on to accomplish bigger and better things!