It is our pleasure to introduce Jessie Yuan (or JoJo), our Rambunctious Regent for Regency 5.
I’m Jessie, D3 at the Dental College of Georgia and currently in my 6th year of my 7 year BS/DMD program. I really enjoy volunteering and helping others.
Where you’re from: Atlanta, GA
Why you are in dental school: I’ve always had congenitally bad teeth so I know how important dentists are to me and they really helped me throughout my life. I would love to give back to the community and help others in the same way they helped me.
Biggest pet peeve: Aggressive drivers
Spirit Animal: Sloth
Biggest fear: Driving on the highway
Favorite season and why: Fall because of perfect weather
Favorite thing about dental school: Seeing patients and cutting teeth
Least favorite thing about dental school: Lack of sleep
Jessie loves adventures and loves the outdoors. She only ever has positive things to say. If I had to describe Jessie in one word, my word of choice would be firecracker. She works insanely hard and cares so much about growing this wonderful SPEA organization. When you see Jessie at Annual Session be sure to work sloths into your conversation somewhere and I’m sure she’ll want to be your best friend. Thanks Jessie for adding so much to our organization.
If you haven’t registered for Annual session yet, DO IT NOW!! You won’t want to miss out. SPEA’s Annual Session will be held in San Francisco from Sept. 6-7. For more details and to register, click here.