Put your hands together for the enforcer of ethics, the baller of basketball, the queen of SoCal, and our vehement Vice-Chair, Elyssa Schlossberg! With a smile prettier than the Mona Lisa you can’t help but to want to instantly be friends with her. Some of the official duties of the Vice-Chair include spokesperson for the association at the request of the Executive Chair, Speaker of the House; Chairperson of House of Delegates; Chair of Council on Membership, Education, Governance, and Events including Annual Session; Parliamentarian; coordinates regent affairs and reviews association governance documents. Wow, what a mouthful. Those are a lot of duties if you ask me and Elyssa has done an amazing job juggling and fulfilling all of those duties. Be sure to get to know Elyssa better at Annual Session this coming weekend.
I’m in my 4th year of dental school at USC (of SoCal, not South Carolina), and have lived in Los Angeles my whole life. When not fixing teeth I like to get active outside with hikes and sports– I have a pickup basketball crew and am on a kickball team, play strategy board games and do escape rooms, and if I’m being really honest watch a healthy amount of Netflix.
Biggest pet peeve: When two cars drive next to each other at the exact same speed so you can’t pass
Spirit Animal: Duck
Biggest fear: Bees!
Most embarrassing moment: freshman year of college discovering that, despite being on a campus with tens of thousands of students, I had a reputation as the girl who could be seen chasing after her skateboard (I was learning!)
Favorite season and why: summer- long sunny days, warm nights, there’s a happy energy and will to go out and do things, and I’ll take sweltering heat over cold rainy days every time.
Favorite thing about dental school: All the amazing people I have befriended and get to see and work with everyday! Also, the relationships I get to make with my patients and the impact I get to have on their lives.
Least favorite thing about dental school: the slow pace of working within the bureaucracy
My favorite part about SPEA is the way it brings together passionate dental students who all have in common the desire to become the most upstanding members of our profession, and helps us all create the toolkit we need to navigate what can sometimes be ethically murky waters. The energy at annual session is truly incredible, and I love getting to meet and befriend my fellow dental students from around the country!
Some of Elyssa’s favorite things to do include going on adventures and trying to get incredibly close to ducks without actually touching them or making them angry. That is a talent that I envy a little bit. Elyssa is articulate, deep thinking, and fun to be around. She has been a great asset to the National Board of SPEA this past year.