Did you guys know that SPEA goes all the way up into Canada? Well, it does and Diana Boodram, the Radiant Regent for Regency 7, is one of the main reasons that SPEA is growing in Canada. According to Google, there are ten accredited dental schools in Canada, 4 of which have SPEA chapters. Diana has done an amazing job reaching out to the schools in Canada and helping spread SPEA up north! She is seriously holding down the fort for an entire country, so needless to say Diana has contributed so much this year. Get to know her a little better!
Diana was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and currently attends the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry. In addition to ethics and professionalism, she is interested in access to care issues in dentistry. Diana chose to pursue dental school because she enjoys the small-scale, detailed work; she also enjoys dismantling common misconceptions about dentists. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and catching up with friends.
Biggest pet peeve: ppl who post excessively on social media… 🤳🏽
Spirit animal: owls 🦉
Biggest fear: the ramifications of climate change 😬
Most embarrassing moment: mass e-mailing my entire school by accident… whoops 🤦🏽‍♀️
Favorite season and why: spring. 🌷 spring showers & fresh flowers–a chance for a fresh start
Favorite thing about dental school: getting my hands dirty 🧤
Least favorite thing about dental school: calling patient to book & confirm appointments 📞🗓✍🏽
In addition to being super smart, amazing at dentistry, and very hard working, Diana is also an amazing artist. Just take a moment to appreciate her painting! She is definitely not a person you want to miss meeting at Annual Session, although you may hear her say “Go Raptors” more than you’ll want to, but hey…”Go Raptors!” Just don’t bring up the whole Kawhi thing or she may not talk to you. Diana is as sweet as a princess on a throne while at the same time getting things done and making sure that they are done right. We love having her insight and ideas when it comes to helping SPEA become more widespread in the US and Canada. 
If you haven’t registered for Annual Session yet, the deadline is quickly approaching. Head on over to speadental.org under the Annual Session tab for more info regarding the conference and to register. Hope to see you there!