7th Annual Session Photos

In case you weren’t able to join us in Atlanta 2 weeks ago, here is a link to some pictures from the conference. A special thanks to Dr. Mark Bauman for taking the photos!


Next years Annual Session will be in Honolulu from October 19 – 20. Start planning now, and we hope to see you there!


Stay tuned for a newsletter in the coming weeks for a full recap of annual session. It will include updates on chapter resources, the ACD, and newly elected SPEA leaders.

SPEA Spotlight: Roseman

SPEA Spotlight: Roseman University College of Dental Medicine
Regency: 1
Regent: Judy Naziri
Local Chapter: Roseman University College of Dental Medicine
Location: South Jordan, UT
Officers: President: WJ Behlke
Vice President : Carol Chavez
Secretary: Ashley Czechner
Treasurer: Tanner Higham
Historian: Zach Diamond
D2 Representative: Hiba Zaku
Social Media: Aisha Sadaf

Event Title: “Ethics of Corporate Dentistry” Snack and Learn

We started our year with a wonderful event which was our “Snack and Learn.” We hosted a viewing of the Frontline documentary, Dollars and Dentists, which presents an investigation done into corporate dental companies. This documentary helped us gain insight into the lives of the millions of Americans who can’t afford a dental visit. It showed us some of the flaws in our dental system and possible proposals to better them.
We found that this documentary sparked a flame in all of us. We feel that establishing a good public relationship starts by having our own good morals and ethical foundation set. Our organization was delighted that we had a great turn out and had members of every class present at the event. This event helped foster a desire to better ourselves and therefore our profession.
SPEA at Roseman University of Health Sciences

SPEA Spotlight: Augusta

SPEA Spotlight: Dental College of Georgia
Regency: 5
Regent: Danielle Gough
Local Chapter: Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University
Location: Augusta, Ga
Officers: President: Caroline Sewell
1st VP: Sarah Miles
2nd VP: Hali Hall
Secretary: Clara Shin
Treasurer: Ben Miller
Historian: Chandni Patel
Engagement Committee Chairs: Danielle Owen, Ansley Pike, Britney Lewis
Communications Chair: Dafna Lapidot
Social Media: Maydda Qureshi

Event Title: Slip and Slide Kickball

Fall semester just started, but it still feels like summer here. We wanted to start the year off with some camaraderie and competition, and get to know our new D1s and let them become familiar with SPEA as a student organization. A team of eight represented each class, D1-D4, and competed for the title of Slip and Slide Kickball Champions. Kiddie pools served as bases, painters plastic made up the slides between bases, and a little dish soap made things slippery. D1s and D4s competed in the championship game, with the D4s ultimately taking the win (and some nice SPEA T-shirts as prizes).

SPEA Spotlight: UCSF

SPEA Spotlight: UCSF
Regency: One
Regent: Judy Naziri
Local Chapter: University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry
Location: San Francisco, CA
President- Ava Arshadi
Vice President- Ella Saeed
Secretary- Pardis Farhadian
Treasurer- Timothy Jung
Publications Chair- Arielle Canoza
LnL Coordinator- Emily Yang
Education Chair- Jonathan Gao
Event Title: How Will You Present Yourself on Social Media?
Our quarterly Lunch and Learn in the Spring featured an American College of Dentists Fellow, Dr. Jean Creasey. Whether or not to use social media is no longer the question in this digital age. The real question is how to use social media tools to build a positive perception of the profession with our patients and our community. Dr. Creasey discussed the best practices for managing our online presence as both dental students and dentists in the future. Should we add our patients on FaceBook? How do we address them when we do receive such requests? What types of photographs should we avoid posting? An open discussion was held with the speaker and the audience, allowing us to critically think about the consequences of our social media actions and guidelines we should keep in mind.

SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma

SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma
Regency: Three
Regent: Andrea Fenton
Local Chapter: University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
President- Lauren Nichols
Event Title: Ethics in the geriatric population
Our 3rd meeting of the year featured Dr. Jan Henry, a general dentist in Nichols Hills, OK and alum of OU College of Dentistry. She highlighted the growing geriatric population and how to ethically treat aging patients. As baby boomers begin to reach retirement, they become a large portion of our patient family. Dr. Henry asked several questions to spark discussion and later provided insight to how she handles her elderly population. What accommodations should be made for the elderly in the dental office? Do we need to treat as aggressively in a geriatric patient? Students were able to think critically and share thoughts about this particular population.

SPEA Spotlight: CDM

SPEA Spotlight: Columbia
SPEA Spotlight
Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
Local Chapter: Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Location: Manhattan, New York, NY
President- @Juliet Tchorbajian
Vice President- Stephanie Bernard
Secretary- Vishah Dhamee
Treasurer- Jennifer Tsuan
Event Title: ACD Panel
We had an excellent panel discussion focusing on the numerous moral dilemmas that can occur practice and in dental school!

Chapter Award Submissions Now Open-2017

Chapter award submissions are now open for nominations for the 2017 annual session in Atlanta, GA

There are four categories this year with a winner selected in each one:

*Winners of Regency Chapter of the Year will be automatically nominated for National Chapter of the Year.

Submission guidelines for each award are available to download by clicking the above links. The due date is October 1, 2017.

Each submission will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and winners will be announced at Annual Session. (If you haven’t registered yet, get on it!)

We hope each chapter considers applying for at least one award.

For examples of past winners see the following:

SPEA Schulich Best Event 2016

Roseman University Chapter of the-Year 2016