Time to highlight our very own Courageous Co-Director, Andrea Fenton. Andrea graduated this Summer for UAB, but we were lucky enough to convince her to stay involved with SPEA even though she has moved on to bigger and better things!


I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from UAB School of Dentistry in June 2019. I’m currently in a GPR program at the UAB Hospital and planning to attend an endodontics residency next year. The second picture is me with my current co-residents. I’ve been a member of SPEA since my D1 year of dental school and I am excited to have recently returned as a member of the staff! One of my favorite adventures that SPEA has taken me on was going skydiving at our conference last year in Hawaii.

Biggest pet peeve: gum smacking and drivers who don’t give a “thank you” wave

Spirit Animal: my cockapoo pup

Biggest fear: 

Most embarrassing moment: 

Favorite season and why: summer! Being at the beach in the heat is my favorite thing!

Favorite thing about dental school: Making amazing friends

Least favorite thing about dental school: Cadaver lab

Andrea is adventurous, daring, and never afraid to jump into the unknown  (or out of airplanes). Apparently, Andrea is not afraid of anything and chooses to live her life without ever getting embarrassed, which is something I envy about her. Some would describe her as a Sweet Pea with a smile brighter than amethyst. Although she is very busy with her GPR program she still makes time to serve in this wonderful organization, proving that SPEA can go well beyond dental school. Cool fact about Andrea, she has the best southern twang around!

Be sure to say hi to Andrea at Annual Session. She wants you there! Head on over to our website speadental.org or follow the link to go and register for Annual Session held in San Francisco from Sept. 6-7.