6th Annual Session Reflection By W.J. Behlke

Last October, I had the privilege to attend the 6th Annual Session for the Students Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry held in Denver, Colorado. Each year, the SPEA Annual Session is held in conjunction with the ADA Annual Session.
By going to the annual session I was hoping for an experience that would add value to my time in dental school and future career in dentistry. The speakers and events at the annual session provided this and much more. I learned valuable lessons that will impact my career in dentistry, my personal life, and my choices and values as a leader. One of these lessons was the importance of setting goals and generating the motivation to pursue them. I have learned that setting goals in all areas of your life is important. It is more about who or what you become in pursuit of the goal instead of whether or not you achieve it.
Another reason I attended the SPEA Annual Session was to meet SPEA members from other dental schools. I knew by doing this we would get the chance to discuss and share ideas about what we are doing at the local level in regards to SPEA. The breakout sessions that were designed for this as a part of the conference were highly beneficial and I know what I gained from them will have an impact on SPEA’s presence at my school.
This was my first time attending the SPEA Annual Session, but will not be my last. I am excited to attend the 7th Annual Session in Atlanta this upcoming October, and hope to see new and familiar faces!
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WJ Behlke
CIO Committee
Roseman University, ’19