SPEA Spotlight: USC

SPEA Spotlight

Regency: One

Regent: Judy Naziri

Local Chapter: Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Judy Naziri

Daniel Adelpour


2017 Class President- Mishaun Sahebi

2018 Class President- Ambika Parti

2019 Class President- Moji Ghalambor

2020 Class President- Sai patadia


Krista Sue

Event Title: Ethical Throwdown

Our event was a lunch-and-learn which included a 4 person panel: the class presidents from each graduating year. Two panel members gave their answers to various ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas were then opened to the audience where a discussion was initiated. The dilemmas were examples taken from the ACD website and ranged from patients who want the “Whitest Teeth” to an adolescent patient who wanted to conceal her pregnancy from her mother. Each panel member was given a pair of SPEA safety glasses for participating. To purchase one of these glasses please contact any one of the SPEA board members!

Krista Sue Natalie Inoue Lindsey Williams Benjamin Garai Judy Naziri Daniel Adelpour Neelab Anwar