SPEA Spotlight: UMKC

UMKC SPEA Officers and faculty advisor: Dr. Meredith, with our three panelist: Dr. Brown, Dr. Nelson & Dr. Godley.

SPEA Chapter Highlight:

Regency: Two

Regent: Abby Jewell

Local Chapter: University of Missouri- Kansas City

Location: Kansas City, MO


  • President: Abby Jewell
  • Vice President: Pete Ziegler/Brad Matthes
  • Secretary: Camille Smith
  • Treasurer: Matthew Fry

Event Title: Professionalism Panel


The UMKC SPEA chapter held a lunch-and-learn to discuss professionalism in dentistry. The panel consisted of three UMKC faculty members: Dr. Brown, Dr. Godley, and Dr. Nelson, all from varying dental backgrounds. During this panel, the doctors discussed what professionalism means to them, both in the didactic/clinical setting, as well as private practice. The panel lead to conversation about how to approach different generations of patients and ended with the faculty sharing some of their most memorable professional or ethical dilemmas throughout their dental careers.