SPEA Spotlight: IUSD

SPEA Spotlight:
SPEA Chapter Highlight:
Regency: Four
Regent: Joshua Bussard
Local Chapter: Indiana University
Location: Indianapolis, IN
– President: Jill Stetzel
– Vice President: Patrick McIntre
– Secretary: Jennifer Wu
– Treasurer: Chase Ellinwood
-Social Media Chair: Maria Veronica Contreras
-Director of Hospitality: Stephanie Bowers
-Thank you note-writing: Katherine Ferry
Event Title: Professionalism Panel
As students waited in the lecture hall for Dr. Kelton Stewart to arrive and present for the monthly SPEA event, the speakers started blaring with rap music. In walked a man dressed in baggy sweat pants, a black hoody, a flat-brimmed hat, and a shiny gold grill. The student’s eyes followed the man as he strutted to the front of the room, slouched into a chair and said, “My name is Dr. Stewart and I am your orthodontist.” The crowd laughed as Dr. Stewart took off his costume to reveal a pressed suit with a perfectly positioned bow-tie. Dr. Stewart asked the audience to decide which person was the professional? Who would they want as their orthodontist?

Dr. Stewart’s presentation, “The Portrait of a Professional,” not only challenged students to define what constitutes a professional but also encouraged students to reflect on how our behaviors play a role in patient care and management. For example, having good communication skills and showing patients empathy develops trust and a positive rapport with our patients. He tested students to define traits of a professional; factors like compassion, humility, and integrity. Dr. Stewart also asked us to look inward to evaluate our own biases towards professionals and to understand that our patient’s will also have biases based on their own experiences. We were given a list of the “Top 10 Professional Don’ts” and discussed how those behaviors impact our patients. “The Portrait of a Professional” presented by Dr. Stewart showed students that by understanding what influences a professional we can create a better environment for patient care and in turn, influence how patients perceive us and the care we render.

Top 10 Professional Don’ts
#1 Don’t stop learning
#2 Don’t smoke
#3 Don’t lie or play down a condition
#4 Don’t let emotions get the better of you
#5 Don’t claim to have all the answers
#6 Don’t promise a patient anything
#7 Don’t post questionable content online
#8 Don’t bad mouth other patients and staff
#9 Don’t date your patients
#10 Don’t pass judgment onto patients